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        It's Vacation Time!


Sounds great, right? Vacation. If your company
downsized in this recession, vacations may not
be such a relaxing thing. You may be too
short handed when your employee goes on
vacation. So what do you do to fill the void?

Contact When you need
some help let me know. I can help at many
levels from clerk, Staff Accountant, Sr. Accountant,
and even Accounting Supervisor. I've had that
much experience.

Ask for a free quote. You may be surprised that
my fees are alot less than what an agency may
charge. Check it out. Know your options.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting with over
7 years of experience in large international
accounting departments as well as medium and
small companies.
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      08/09/10 FREE Movie Monday 
      Winner of last year's Audience Favorite Poll
      NYC 5th graders take ball room dance class.


Click OC Performing Arts Center

       Thru 09/10/10 Exhibit and interactive 
       fun for kids: 100 pounds of clay.


Click Orange County Museum of Art


                                                                                                    What is

MyOwn/OpenSignUSE.JPG is your alternative to
agencies and recruiters. As an independent
contractor, my fees may be as much as 50%
less than an agency. I offer free quotes. So
get a quote. Find out how much you can save.

I started after I quit
working for a government agency. That
government office was stereotypical.
Every bad story told about government
seemed to be true.

I was accustomed to a fast paced
workplace where management encouraged
improvements. Changes were constant
trying to be the best.

However, that wasn't the same
environment in the government office.
I stayed as long as I could. I left to 

I can't say it's been easy. However, I am learning
alot of things as I go. I noticed in many companies
that keeping the same old routines usually
becomes inefficient, since software and other
processes continue to improve.

So as part of my services, if I see something that
may be done a bit better, I will let you know. No,
I don't have to be the one to make the changes.
However, it is what I like to do best.

If there is something to improve, I like to improve
it. I only change things once I learn how they
work. I also request approval for changes. There
may be someone else in the company that also
depends on the information. I do write procedures
and train. So if I change things you'll never be lost
about what happened. 

Any Problems?

If you have a problem big or small, I like to solve
problems. I've never been at a company that didn't
have something that went wrong. Often no one
has the time to fix the problem. 

My help full-time on a problem can fix it faster
than just some time by your employee. So don't
hide away that embarrassing mess. Let me help
you get rid of your problems.

                                                                     Why Use


In  tough economic times, companies can no
longer afford to waste any money.

Save money: Don't pay agency fees.
Save money: Don't pay payroll taxes.
Save money: Don't pay benefits.

Only pay for the service time you need.
Part-time or full-time services - based upon

Think out-of-the-box when it comes to
getting things done. It doesn't always
take all day to get something done.
Part-time help can really make a
difference. If you worry about training,
I learn things quickly since I have
alot of experience.

Check out some of the Services 
I may provide. serves companies
in Orange County, California..


               CUT OUT THE MIDDLEMAN


             Why pay more than you have to?

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